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I write this post 4 hours later than I meant to because procrastination got the better of me. What was meant to be published just after 4pm will be published at 9.20pm. But now that I’m on the ball, I  have no choice but to keep to my time for the rest of the month. The idea of this post is to carry on typing for 20 minutes, just to get the mind moving. It might be working, I can’t tell. Let me move into a different direction.

I could go on about how my day was, or write a touching descriptive piece about the night. My day wasn’t all that and I’m saving the night for another night. However, I must say I’m glad to be back. I went quiet for a while and I’m not sure why, but as I’ve said before, this blogging thing is hard. In this the month of June, I chose to refuse all the excuses that may come my way. I’m beginning to sound like one of those people in an on off relationship with fitness. I don’t like sounding like that. I’ll move into a different direction.

I have returned. I have 9 more minutes with you. I will be here for longer. There are many things I need to say to you, although, as usual, I can’t. But I won’t run, I’m committed to the Writing 101 course now. There must be a way we can spin this and make it fictitious and delightful. I see a name…

Nonku…there we go. I’ve added an extra twist to the alleged twist I will receive daily. I have to write about this character, Nonku. She will be fierce, silly, serious and shy. Your job is to force me into doing it. I’ll do it everyday, only on weekdays of course. Promise me? Liar.

4 more minutes…not bad. This is a brief introduction to the month of June, Youth month in South Africa. What a month we’ll have. Stick to your promise and I’ll stick to mine.

2 minutes…I have so much to say. When did I become a slow typist? Writing is fantastic. I’m excited. A person is born. Already with a life and a past and a future. I don’t know what it is but it’s mine to make up or figure out.

And in this last minute I bid you adieu, cliche and cheesy, I know, but who are we without cheese?