This picture was taken from the study desk. It is of the electrical lines out in the field. These lines are supported by Bertha, Bertha and Bertha. Goodness knows why the municipality decided to call them that. (I don’t really know if they called them that. But they should. It’s a really good name.)

Bertha, Bertha and Bertha stand proudly over their field, surveying all the activity and guarding all that is sacred. They are the keepers of the light. They wear their armour with pride, standing with their legs apart and hands on their hips, showing true grace in their authority. They know all and see all. When power surges in the night, with families tucking away into their creature comfort, they are most alive. They know where each and every single electron goes. If you’re watching mindless TV, they know. If you’re cooking a meal for your loved ones, they know. If you’re seeking shelter from the cold, they know.

It is a lonely but noble task for Bertha, Bertha and Bertha. They never leave their post. The last time one of them did, (it was Bertha, by the way) the power was out for three days. The government called it “load-shedding” but I know the truth.

Bertha, Bertha and Bertha will stand guard and protect us eternally. Or at least until we figure out how to transmit electricity wirelessly.

Posted as part of the Weekly Challenge