I’ve become a morning person. It’s insane!! I never thought I’d become a morning person. I always figured myself to be the typical lazy teenager who wakes up at 10 and does nothing all day. For the past three days, I’ve woken up before my alarm. I’ve had breakfast, I never have breakfast. I’ve even left the house, a lot.

There is a number one culprit to the change in my sleep cycle, my window. A brief description of my room: I’ve got the bed in the middle, to my left there’s a window and a desk with mountains of paper, and some toys and broken technology. And to my left, there’s my post-modern completely doorless bathroom. So I can see the toilet, shower, bath and basin from my bed. Above the bath, there are these three windows, because great things always come in threes don’t they? The Ocean’s Trilogy, The Godfather Trilogy, Orion’s Belt, The Pyramids of Giza. The last two are related by the way, I’ll let you figure it out. Anyway, ideally each of these 3 great windows is meant to have a blind over it. But the wall is a curve, so the second one cannot have a blind. So, like The Godfather II, it is the one that sheds light on all.

Consequently, the grand and bright early summer mornings of South Africa have allowed me to rise at obscene hours of the morning. I never really liked the concept of waking up early or catching the worm. I don’t like worms. But now I’ve grown fond of it. The mornings, I mean. Just let the worms live!

Anyway, I suppose I should get up…or something.


Posted as part of the Weekly Challenge.