This blogging thing is hard.

I sat for week trying to come up with things to post. I finally posted a few things, on this lovely sunny Sunday. But I needed more. I looked at the photography challenges, the writing challenges, and things came to mind. But thoughts are like first-time bungee-jumpers, they need to be pushed of a bridge, despite all protest, so that they can scream loud enough to be heard. So I’m in front of my computer, there’s all these distractions and stuff too. Sunday dishes, birds, the moon, the sun (weird how sometimes they’re up at the same time), then I got this comment from itsdd2, author of Occasional Stuff saying that she liked my about page (I’ve been working hard on that) and that she’s nominated me for a Leibster Award! Big Thank You!!

So there’s a lot that goes on with The Leibster Award. Basically:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and give them a shout out by linking to their blog
  2. Answer 10 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (that might take some time. Those will come soon)
  4. Come up with 10 questions for your chosen nominees to answer.

Now, it’s in my best interests to “pingback” itsdd2 so that she can share this post and my thank you with others. Now to answer her questions.

1. Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog because I have always wanted to start one and now I finally have tons of time on my hands. I’ve decided to take a gap-year, and even though it’s going to seem like this blog is me ‘documenting’ my experience, it’s not because that’s really cheesy. I suppose it’s something to keep me warm at night.

2. What might have (or has) prevented you from continuing?

There’s a variety of things that have made my progress slow, but fear not as I have not halted. For one thing, South African internet is particularly slow. I’ve also had many things that I’ve had to do this past week, and I think my blog is about a week old. Another thing is the powerful and absolute block that I had rested on my cerebrum, preventing me from thinking lovely thoughts for you to read. But now it seems the gears have been jerked into motion.

3. It’s a cold, dark, wet day here. What’s it like where you live?

Here in Johannesburg, where I live, it was a sunny 28 degree Celsius day, to be meteorological about it. But if I’m being whimsical, the sun was shining bright and high without a cloud in the sky. It’s night-time now and thought the sun is no longer here to warm the land, it’s still as hot as it was this morning. And there’s a little bird enjoying the sun.


This bird was making a whole lot of noise while i was trying to come up with a post. So I shot it. As you can see, it’s magnificent.

4. What do you like to do when the weather is bad?

When the weather is bad, I love wearing the warmest clothes that I can find. I make myself a special comfort meal and a warm drink, usually tea. And then I watch a movie. Usually some sort of art film. But I believe you don’t need bad weather for that.

5. Do you have a pet? If yes, tell me about it, or if not, what’s your favourite animal?

Unfortunately I do not have a pet, but it is in my 5 year plan. my favourite animal…I may have a few. The first that springs to mind is a french bulldog, they’re absolutely adorable. The next, is a galapagos tortoise, because I think that if I could speak to one, it would tell me that Darwin smelled funny.

6. Show me a picture of what makes you happy. Why does it make you happy?

The Sky. I like taking pictures of it. Especially at dusk or dawn. It’s a friendly reminder of the infinity that awaits me.


7. Did you read anything that made you laugh in the last week?

I read a short and simple tweet. “If Michael Cera doesn’t start a t-shirt line so that he can use the slogan ‘Try Cera Tops’…well then he’s just an idiot”

I laughed for about an hour.

8. What is your favourite article of clothing, and why?

I have this blue and black scarf that my girlfriend gave me before she left. I love it the most. I haven’t worn it yet because it’s really really hot. But it’s still my favourite. Only because she gave it to me.

9. Favourite food? (As many as you like!)

I like sweet foods. Waffles, pancakes, flapjacks, ice-cream, and stuff. I like meat a lot too though. Mostly beef. I appreciate a good steak. Pork is also a favourite, eisbein especially. Even though it looks like heart disease. I imagine at some point this year I should try a vegetarian challenge because I like them, but I don’t pay them enough mind. Though I’m afraid I might lose my appetite for meat and become a defective carnivore.

I like food.

10. Do you play any sports regularly?


Okay, that’s unfair, I should say more. I need to prepare myself for sports. I’ll get there eventually. I imagine I’ll play something like tennis. That might be fun.

With all questions answered, this is my longest post so far. I hope you enjoyed it. Please come back to see my nominees and please do follow.