The zero to hero challenge has called for a new element on the blog. Here is mine.

When I was young, I used to think of the world as separated into three: the skies, the land and the sea. I would think that our level ground is to fish in the sea what the clouds are to us. The fish would roam endlessly in their existence as we would trek on foot from place to place, conquering our own personal challenges, never really thinking about what lies beyond. I found a comparison that proves my theory. Planes that soar n the sky are like our cars and the ships in the sea. It’s all the same. We all remain in our realms.

Until a brave little fish gets tired of swimming from place to place, and looks up from his daily grind to see what lies beyond. he wants to know what more there is out there, what more there is to see. So he jumps out of the water and soars beyond naturally into the skies.

Every once in a while, we need to step back. We need to look away from our everyday routine and understand the vastness of the world that we are in. By doing so, we realise just how small we are in this world. But when you step back, don’t take your small size as a feeling of insignificance. it is the greatest advantage we have. We could be the size of a whale, but he size of the world in comparison allows us to move anywhere we want.