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There are many different ways and forms of happiness. Most involving money, or lack hereof. The former idea is that a person can become so successful that all their earthly worries are dispelled, and they may transcend into a world of happiness. The latter entails an abandonment of all material goods, except for he essentials,  allowing a person to free themselves and live off the salt of the earth.

No one can really be sure which one works, what the optimal solution to happiness might be or how to attain it. Many claim that they have it, and if they feel that they truly do, it is not for us to tell them that they’re wrong.

When I was young, I always used to walk on this dirt path. I’m convinced that this path is a product of my imagination, but I see myself walk nonetheless. It’s a very flat road, with towering trees on either side. Whenever I see this place, it’s always autumn. The leaves have toppled to the floor, colouring it gold, yellow, red and orange. The time is always dusk, and the suns rays shine in between the branches, setting the path ablaze in warm gold. There is absolute silence. No cars, people, not even birds.

When I imagine this place, I immediately close my eyes. Warm feelings are conjured within me, dispelling any and every thought I had in that moment. This thought is selfish, and always wants my undivided attention. I always surrender peacefully, and let my mind take me to that place. Here, there is nothing but me and I feel overwhelmed with importance and insignificance. Important as I am the keeper of this place, and insignificant as this place doesn’t need me in order to thrive. I feel at home. I feel happy.

The thing about this place is that it always comes out of nowhere. There is never any image, sound or smell that prompts it. But it always makes me feel infinitely better than I do before it summons me.

That is my happiness. Though I am too young to understand life and all its misery, the place i am sent to out of serendipity always makes me feel a familiar feeling. I call it happiness.